Taking into consideration the direct correlation between the efficiency of solutions on social transformations and the major investigations on pertinent issues, the journal highlights, in particular, both the researches in humanitarian, sociological and philosophical realms and the publication of articles, which include justified visions deriving from pertinent investigations.

The first and the second volumes of the journal represent mainly the texts of the basic reports introduced at the International Conference on Theoretical and Practical Issues of the Transforming Society Development: philosophical and psychological aspects (April 16-17, 2012). The papers are compiled within corresponding sections of the journal, in accordance with the two sections that the Conference majored on: Philosophical and Psychological Sections.

The positive feedback and noteworthy observations to the first and the second issues confirm the significance and value of the publications involved. The editorial board cannot but express their appreciation to the authors of the articles, reviewers, the authors of feedbacks, as well as to the administration of Khachatur Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical University for their support in publishing.

In view of the crucial principles of pluralism and freedom of speech, the editorial board deems necessary to state that the authors have primary responsibility for the viewpoints and statements introduced, which may not necessarily always coincide with those of the editorial board.

The editorial board will publish in the website of WISDOM the content of volumes, the abstracts of the articles, the key words, in particular cases selected articles. The instructions for the authors who would like to cooperate with the journal by publishing the results of their investigations in journal will also be presented in the website.

The subscribed users can comment on the articles.